One on One comedy training for business,competitive speeches and stand up! Free Consultation and a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Published on October 31st, 2013

1 to 1 in person/online comedy development for business presentation, competitive speeches or stand up!

FREE Initial Comedy Consultation and a Money-Back Guarantee!!!

If you are a full-time professional comedian or speaker, and your six-figure income is solely from performance you would be the only people that may not benefit from this. If not, you might just be in denial about how hilarious, you really are?!

Even professional comedians and speakers with years of experience take this type of training to improve their existing skills, learn new unorthodox yet effective techniques or push themselves into new creative directions. Every successful comedian or humorous speaker has writers and other funny people in their network that help them succeed. Let us be your network and get to work for you and with a free initial consultation. Nothing to lose.

If you want to learn how to be a killer stand-up comedian or hilarious speaker in your own time, this is additional tool for your comedic tool belt. If you aren’t making strangers laugh or being regularly paid for your sense of humor, then you probably aren’t as funny as you’ve made up in your mind. So, let’s set aside your ego and get to work!

Great Reasons to try our in person of online comedy training:

1. You live in Guam, Europe, Africa or a place that may or may not be found via Google Earth.
2. You live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you have some comedy experience, but you’d like to skip the SFCC beginner class take the advanced classes and work out with our comedians weekly at the Purple Onion at Kells in San Francisco.
3. You are too busy to make group classes and need training that works around your full schedule or you just want to SKYPE us from your couch!
4. You want all the perks of being an SFCC student without being in a group setting, including writing sessions, grad show, video review, character class, networking and the stage time.
5. You want to develop your skills quickly.
6. You want teachers who still perform and are actually relevant to the stand-up comedy industry in 2013.
7. You want a money-back guarantee*** and a free consultation because we’re confident that we can help and we are willing to show our work before you invest.

Your lessons will be specifically created to address your act/speech/presentation and performance issues. You will receive and learn:

1. Four to six full hours of one on one attention tailored to your needs.
2. Thousands of dollars worth of original material that you may use in your act/presentation forever.
3. Acting and comedy development exercises based upon your specific needs.
4. Assisted guidance through stage fright and other mental blocks that keep you from sharing your unique sense of humor.
5. Material development via multiple structured and organic techniques
6. Riffing techniques and skills to assist in the creation of in the moment comedy
7. Point of view development via exclusive techniques not offered from any other training facility in the world
8. Group writing and stage time in San Francisco
9. Inclusion in the exclusive online SFCC comedy group

***if you don’t find us hilarious and helpful after the free consultation and our first meeting, we’ll happily refund your money minus the one class fee.

Term: Four 1 hour to 1.5-hour  sessions tailored to your schedule. Take them in a year, a month or in four days!!! Take them at our facilities in San Francisco or work with us online from anywhere in the world.
Tuition: At our training facility in San Francisco – $325

Via Internet, Phone, YouTube and Email – $275

Have written material or video for us to review before the first meeting so we can get to work quickly.

Email with the Title “SFCC One on One Training” or call us 415 921 2051

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