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Published on February th, 2014

Stand Up Class Descriptions

San Francisco and South Bay Free Introductory Classes
Find out what we already know: you can be funny too! Stand Up skills are great for business and the stage! Ask questions, meet some new people,have some snacks, get some great advice, sign up or don’t but leave a funnier person.

(Beginner) Technique Workshop (click here)

The journey of a new personal or business relationship, a thousand TV shows, clubs or speaking gigs begins with your first bad joke! Perfect for everyone including would be comedians, independent comedians stuck in a run, speakers, comedy writers, team leaders and people just looking to get out of the house.

(Advanced) Performance Workshop (click here)

This group workshop will decrease your unreasonable fear of appearing in public and exponentially increases your material generation and growth as a performer. Immersion in the craft in front of an audience of funny people is the quickest way to becoming funnier. Stand up comedy is a spoken art form and the best open mics in the business occur in front of an instructor and other funny people who are willing to write material for you!

Note: Drop in guests to SFCC advanced classes have included Lewis Black, Kevin Nealon, Brian Regan, Christopher Titus, Maria Bamford, Jeff Jena, Mark Lundholm, Rick Overton, Alonzo Bodden, Eddie Brill, Bob Zany, Greg Giraldo and many others. It’s just another reason that we are the best comedy school in America.

One on One Training(click here)

The five-week technique workshop plus specific material generation and performance technique built specifically around your schedule. Also, we work via Skype, email and phone for those of you out of the SF Bay Area. Call us for a free personal consultation or send a 3 to 5 minute video of a performance and we will give you some material, perfromance technique and direction for free. Perfect for corporate types, touring comedians, busy people and out- of-town students.

Register here or call us 415 921 2051
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