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Published on August 25th, 2013

Comedy Roast Writing

Let us write your roast jokes and make you the funniest person in the room!!!

Insult and attack comedy is the easiest form of humor to write. Generally, the laughter comes from everyone but the target of the joke. Why? Well, something unexpected happened that didn’t directly affect the listener and thus created the laughter. However, if the audience member has empathy for the target, the joke would have a direct effect on the listener and create displeasure emoting silence or a groan.

BUT, you have no time for comedy theory and need jokes to trash your target soon. So, we are here to help! If you want insults and mean jokes for any occasion put our panel of professional comedians to work! This custom material is perfect for corporate events, fundraisers, family gatherings, golf tournaments or just a snarky tribute for your retiring pal at his party. All of it will be written by professional comedians so you are assured to have a large amount of material in a short period of time with a higher hit percent then you might be able to create or cobble together on your own.

During your initial call or email tell us as much about the target of the roast as possible. We will discuss direction and options for your presentation. Then, if you hire us, we will get to work on sample pages for you to approve, and we will rewrite the material until you are satisfied.

Cost varies dependent on the number of jokes and length of the presentation.

Email or call the SFCC at 415 921 2051.


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